Cold Turkey or Tuna Sandwich

01.Cold Turkey or Tuna Sandwich

Tuna marinated with mayo, celery or turkey served with Swiss...

Turkey or Tuna Melt

02.Turkey or Tuna Melt

Swiss cheese.



Corned beef on grilled rye with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese.

Hot Beef

04.Hot Beef

Sliced beef on bread with brown gravy, mashed potatoes.

Philly Sandwich

05.Philly Sandwich

Grilled thin sliced chicken with onion, bell pepper, mushroom, jack...

Patty Melt

06.Patty Melt

Served on grilled rye with grilled onions, melted American cheese.

French Dip Sandwich

07.French Dip Sandwich

Thin slices of roasted beef on a French roll with...

California Chicken

08.California Chicken

Served on French roll with avocado, melted jack cheese.

Hot Pastrami and Cheese Sandwich

09.Hot Pastrami and Cheese Sandwich

French roll filled with hot pastrami, mustard, mayo.

Untraditional Club Sandwich

10.Untraditional Club Sandwich

Chicken breast, smoked bacon, tomatoes, egg, lettuce layered between toasted...

 New York Steak Sandwich

11. New York Steak Sandwich

Char grilled New York steak, lettuce, tomato, pickle, bacon, steak...

Kitchen Turkey and Bacon

12.Kitchen Turkey and Bacon

Turkey, bacon, tomatoes, mixed leaves, aioli, Swiss cheese on roasted...

Kitchen BLT

13.Kitchen BLT

Crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato. Avocado (+2)

Kitchen TLT

14.Kitchen TLT

Grilled crispy tofu, lettuce, tomato, pepperjack cheese, avocado